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Based in Nottingham, artist and ceramicist Ally Powell was first drawn to clay whilst studying for her degree in Decorative Arts. Enamoured with ceramics; Ally delved deeper into the world of contemporary craft and discovered a joy for making and the tenacity required to work with clay. At its heart, Ally’s practice aims push the boundaries of traditional processes, creating beautiful objects that provoke curiosity. 


Ally’s sculptural ceramics are suggestive of movement like a gestural brush stroke or scribble, or a snapshot of sparklers cutting through the air, a bold moment of joy captured in clay. Her work reinterprets the long-established ceramic process of slip-casting, subverting ideas surrounding mass production by creating one-off objects that endure. Ally’s practice celebrates the connection between maker and material, her tangled forms capturing a sense of spontaneity and a lasting echo of her touch. 

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